July 2010 Ensenada, Mexico RV Trip

About Avalon RV

Avalon RV is owned and operated by Adam Blair. Founded in 2008, Avalon RV specializes in repairing, restoring & customizing Airstream’s & other Vintage Trailers in addition to installing solar systems & doing repairs on all types of recreational vehicles and trailers.

ABOUT Adam Blair, Owner

“From the early beginning working on trailers out of my garage in Benicia, I found a new passion in my life with trailers. This grew quickly with new projects and new customers.

Right from the start in 2003, when I brought the very first trailer home many neighbors and passersby would stop, tell me about their old trailer or a relative that had one growing up. It was not long before I needed to move to a shop for more space.

Since then business has not stopped growing and now many years later there are nearly a dozen of us working and an incredible creative atmosphere that makes working at Avalon RV a daily adventure. In the future I look forward to expanding to a larger shop with a sales showroom, custom vehicles and a lot of fun along the way. ” ​– Adam Blair

About Avalon RV
1976 Mom & I playing with a squirrel on an RV Trip
“Growing up enjoying my parents RV led me to this amazing adventure.”

I loved vacationing with my older sister & parents. We would pack up all of our favorite things, our two dachshund dogs, bicycles, etc.. and load the camper.

Then we hit the road for 3 to 5 weeks each year. Often times we just went from the Bay Area to South Lake Tahoe and stayed there for a month straight. Other years we would travel to Southern California, Mexico, Canada, Florida and all over the United States. I love the U.S.A. and I have seen a lot of it and want our children to have the same experience. I remember the Grand Canyon, Four Corners, Hoover Dam, Disney World in Florida & Disney Land in L.A. Also I loved Vancouver Canada: Victoria Island and Stanley Park.

Whistler was incredible! I recall seeing flying squirrels in Colorado, the Sea Lion Caves in Oregon, huge Salmon on the Truckee, a Wolverine in Canada, Bears in Yosemite & at Lake Tahoe, Buffalo in Yellowstone, the bright lights of Vegas, an old rusted car off Reagan Beach in the water at Lake Tahoe, a Tornado in Kansas, and riding the train at Carson City.” – Adam Blair

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1973 My sister April & I with our Family RV (I am near the Blue Car)
August 2002 Deer Creek Trail