Benicia Public Pier & Beach

Benicia is a spectacular waterfront city in the San Francisco Bay Area, Solano County, California. This small city is home to many excellent tourist attractions that highlight its diverse cultures and great history. If you plan to visit Benicia, expect generally pleasant weather, a picturesque waterfront, a thriving business community, and great shopping and dining amenities. 

It’s no wonder that Benicia is popularly referred to as the San Francisco Bay Area gem. One of the most notable tourist attractions is the Benicia Public Pier & Beach. But why is the Benicia public pier & beach so sought after?


Why Should I Visit the Benicia Public Pier & Beach?

Burrowed along the Carquinez Strait, the Benicia pier has been instrumental in helping visitors and locals alike make numerous memories over the years. Taking a leisure walk along the Benicia pier is one of the activities that should be on every visitor’s “things to do” list. 

Watch as local fishers set their baits a few meters offshore as you soak in the feel-good atmosphere and uniqueness of this small city. Then, sit on the numerous benches along the promenade and watch the striking sunset as the fresh breeze revitalizes your skin.

There are many cheap and free activities here as a family or individually. This waterfront destination packs excellent recreational opportunities. It also gives you scenic views from swimming, strolling, and sightseeing.


What Should I Know About it?

If you are not a swimming person, simply play on the sand. You can keep your feet in the water as you walk about, or just relax on the beach and enjoy the view. The beach is usually very populated during warm weather and at weekends for obvious reasons.

For an unforgettable visit, why don’t you join other fishers as they try to catch different types of fish? There is a variety of fish including starry flounder, salmon, white sturgeon, and striped bass, depending on the season. The vast, easily accessible shoreline a few meters from the Carquinez Bridge always has some fish for everyone.