How to Choose a Battery for the Solar on your RV

Solar power is vital in areas where traditional power sources are becoming increasingly expensive. In California and the far western regions of the US where sunlight is plentiful, solar power is a very attractive alternative for RV owners.  However, selecting the right options may be confusing. Here’s how to get started!

Types of RV Solar Batteries

The first decision is understanding how you want to use solar power for your RV. You can utilize them for everything from fans and water pumps to RV appliances. There are a variety of sizes from 6-volt to 12-volt house batteries to ensure you have a steady stream of electricity to your RV. 

Get the Maximum Performance From Your RV Battery

When you’ve decided how you want to use your battery, you’ll need to keep in mind that proper maintenance schedules will dictate how long your solar batteries will last. You’ll need to build in time for everything from charging your batteries to ensuring that the batteries are cleaned to remove the sulfates which build up over time. When your batteries drop below a half-charge, they can tend to build up more acid. As a result, it leads to more cleaning time or less efficiency in the future.

Let the Pros at Avalon RV Help Solar Power Your RV!

Looking for solar power for your RV, but not really sure where to start? Our team is well-versed in all of the best options for adding solar power to your traveling palace. Contact us today or learn more online about how to choose a battery for the Solar on your RV.

Not only does our team offer upfront information about finding the right solar batteries for your RV, we also offer ongoing maintenance. This helps ensure that your solar battery investment lasts through the years! 

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