Questions to Ask When Choosing an RV Solar Contractor

Adding a solar power battery system to your RV can save you money and extend the range and versatility of your travels, while also helping to conserve and utilize eco-friendly natural resources. RV solar panel installation can be a very complex topic for many. Continue reading to learn key questions to address when you’re choosing an RV solar contractor for your project. 


Is the RV Solar Contractor Professionally Certified? 

Skills and knowledge matter. Choose an RV solar installer with demonstrable credentials. In particular, look for a contractor who is Master-Certified to plan, design, build, install, and maintain customized RV solar systems. Choose a company that will serve as your complete source for all your unique RV needs.


Does the RV Solar Installer Have Extensive Experience? 

Find out about the level of experience an RV solar system installation specialist has before deciding to work with him or her. And if you have a vintage Airstream trailer, ensure that the company you’re considering has experience in dealing with classic motor homes. 


Does the Solar Installation Business Have a Reputation for Superior Customer Service? 

Research any RV solar installation company, before hiring, to ensure that past and present customers are thrilled with their services, products, and the way they were treated. Everyone deserves to work with a professional, honest, and before-all customer-loving company!


Contact Avalon Today for Superior Solar Panel Installation 

Adam Blair at Avalon RV is Victron Energy and Battle Born Batteries-Certified as a Master-level RV solar system installations specialist. He and his experienced team provide complete RV solar system planning, building, and installation services for their esteemed customers in and around beautiful Benicia, California. Reach Out Today for a friendly, personalized consultation. Client Testimonials Here!

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