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A solar system in an RV can provide a convenient and eco-friendly way to power appliances and electronics while on the road. However, when a solar system in an RV is not working, it can be frustrating and limit the ability to travel off-grid. There are several reasons a solar system in an RV may not be working—here’s what you need to know.


Panel Malfunctions

One common reason a solar system in an RV may not be working is an issue with the panels. Panels may be dirty or not receive enough sunlight. If the panels are not properly angled to receive maximum sunlight, this can also impact their efficiency. Additionally, damage to the panels can occur from weather events or natural wear and tear over time.


Charge Controller Issues

Another issue that can cause a solar system in an RV to stop working is problems with the charge controller. The charge controller is responsible for regulating the flow of energy from the panels to the battery. If the charge controller is not functioning properly, the solar system will not be able to charge the battery or power the RV’s appliances and electronics.


Wiring Problems

Wiring problems can also impact the functioning of a solar system in an RV. Wires may become damaged or corroded over time, leading to energy transfer loss. This can result in decreased energy produced by the system or complete system failure.


To determine why a solar system in an RV is not working, it’s important to have it inspected by a Master Certified RV technician. Additionally, regular maintenance, including cleaning the panels and inspecting the wiring, can also help prevent issues from occurring in the first place.


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