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Solar panels are an excellent addition to any RV. An RV solar installation starts saving its owner on day one by offsetting energy costs and allowing RVers to enjoy the electricity they need to power their daily items without having to plug into a grid. However, to keep your RV solar installation working effectively, there are some maintenance tips you will want to follow.


What Maintenance is Needed for My Solar Installation?


To keep your new RV solar installation working well, you need to ensure that it can work well. The best maintenance is preventative maintenance. This means preventing anything from collecting on the panels themselves, blocking the rays they need for power conversion.


And by anything, we do mean anything. Repeated rain spots, long, dry days of hot sun, and even daily morning dew can all cause a thin coating that will impact an RV solar installation’s efficiency. These things will slightly impair that efficiency over time, but others can more seriously impact efficiencies, such as dust, pollen, tree sap, ice build-up, and bird droppings. To prevent all these things and more from negatively impacting your RV solar installation, we recommend going atop your roof once a week and giving your panels a good cleaning and inspection.


When you are up top wiping down those solar panels, make sure to also visually inspect the roof sealant and any hardware used to secure your panels to the RV’s roof. Check for dried-out or cracked sealant and replace it as needed, as this is a leading cause of water leaks into the RV. Rusted, loose, or problematic issues with the mounting hardware should likewise be addressed as soon as possible.


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