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You should inspect your RV solar panel after every hailstorm or bad weather in your area. We design our solar panels to be durable and withstand the harshest conditions, but because of their location on the roof, a hailstorm can cause extensive damage to the solar panels. Even if you don’t see obvious signs of damage to the panels, it’s best to have them inspected.


If you see any of these common signs of impact to your panels after hail, call Avalon RV to schedule a time for one of our qualified technicians to inspect them. If your panels are producing less power after hail, some of the components could be damaged or malfunctioning. The panel may be dirty, but there could also be a problem with the battery bank or controller.


When a storm rolls in, it can cause severe damage to the panels, including a crack or dent, and they should be inspected immediately. Damage to a panel may impact its ability to generate power and need to be replaced. If fuses are blown, this could be a sign of a malfunction in the system.


We are the experts trained to diagnose any problems with RV solar panels. We inspect the solar panels and all equipment after large hail rolls in. We review the wiring system and connections to verify the output and voltage of the solar panels. Our technicians check for all needed repairs, so your panels function correctly after hailstorms in your area. We address all concerns on your roof, so you don’t have anything to worry about after a harsh storm.


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