How Long Does a Solar Panel Last on an RV?

If you’re considering solar power for your RV or camper, you’ll likely wonder:  how long does a solar panel last on an RV? 

Solar energy is expensive to install, but it can minimize continual power expenses for your RV in a big way and provide an excellent return on investment with decades of renewable, portable energy.

Expected Lifespan of RV Solar Panels

Many factors affect the lifespan of your system, but it will typically last about 25-30 years. It won’t just quit working one day, though. It will slowly lose efficiency and convert less energy until replaced. The average solar panels today carry a degradation rate of about .5 percent per year, so the power loss won’t be noticeable until the end of that range.

How to Extend the Life of Your Solar Panels

If you want to get the most energy possible out of your solar panels, there are some considerations. 

Here are some foolproof ways to increase the lifespan of RV solar panels and leverage their energy/power: 

  1. Choose high quality. Different types of panels have different degradation rates. The more expensive versions will degrade more slowly.
  2. Get them installed by a Master Certified RV Technician. They specialize in RVs and will ensure the accurate installation of all components (including the panels, battery, and controller). They’ll also perform regular maintenance checks to maintain peak efficiency. 
  3. Avoid extreme weather. Storms can cause physical harm, and high heat can wear them down faster. 
  4. Keep them clean. You can wash them with water and wipe off the dust to prevent microcracks and scratches.

With an average 25-30 year lifespan, installing solar on your RV or camper can be a long-lasting solution to powering your mobile lifestyle without many continual costs.

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