Lake Herman Recreation Area

Lake Herman Recreation Area is a park located in Benicia, California. Though the area is small, it offers plenty of privacy with a quiet atmosphere. Visitors can view the peaceful water, sit on the bank overlooking the water, and enjoy a picnic lunch at the convenient tables nearby.
Lake Herman is ideal for fishing and walks on the nearby trails. It’s also a local favorite for investigating supernatural phenomena, mostly due to its history.


The picnic table is free to use, though you can’t reserve it. It’s only available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There’s also a barbeque grill available, so feel free to bring your favorite meat or veggies.


There’s a portable restroom in the area for your convenience, and the beautiful scenery is some of the best you’ll find in the area. The rolling hills and sparkling water are a nice backdrop for any al fresco meal.


The Lake Herman Recreation Area is a small park, but it has plenty to offer. If you come, spend a few moments researching the history of the area so you can better enjoy all it has to offer. You can also use the connecting trail to visit Benicia Community Park. This is a much larger park, and it’s a local favorite for a reason. Nicknamed “Big Slide Park,” Benicia Community Park has a large play area for children along with other amenities.


Lake Herman Recreation Area also provides access to Rollye Wiskerson Trail, which is perfect for mountain biking and connects to Benicia Community Park. The trail is roughly 2 miles long, and pets are allowed as long as they’re leashed.


If you decide to visit Lake Herman Recreation Area, make sure you include these two adjacent areas when you go. While this Recreation Area is perfect for solitude and quiet, the Rollye Wiskerson Trail is a lovely trail that features beautiful scenic views. You can finish your day at the Benicia Community Park before heading home for the evening.

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