Las Juntas Elementary School is a public elementary school located on Pacheco Blvd in Vine Hill, CA. The school serves children in grades kindergarten through 5th grade. It has a total attendance of 355 students. There are approximately 20 teachers employed at the school along with additional administrative and support staff. The school initially opened in 1980.


Starting at Las Juntas Elementary School at 4105 Pacheco Blvd. in Martinez, CA, you can take Pacheco Blvd. northwest for about 1.5 miles. You can then take a sharp left from Blum St. followed by a quick right onto Imhoff Dr. to arrive at the Contra Costa County Animal Services Department located at 4800 Imhoff Pl. in Martinez, CA.

From the Contra Costa County Animal Services Department, you can get to the California Highway Patrol within a few minutes by taking Imhoff Dr. west and back under I-680. Keep that until you get to Blum Dr. and make a left. You will then arrive at the California Highway Patrol, which is located at 5001 Blum Dr. in Martinez, CA.

Leaving the California Highway Patrol, you can get to Shell Martinez Refinery by taking Blum Rd. south for about 0.2 miles and then make a right on Pacheco Blvd. You can then continue to follow Pacheco Blvd. until you arrive at Shell Martinez Refinery, which is located at 3485 Pacheco Blvd., Martinez, CA 94553.

From the Shell Martinez Refinery, you can get to the Mt. Diablo Wetlands Fund by taking a left on Pacheco Blvd. and following it for 1 mile until you turn left on Arthur Rd. You can then follow Arthur Rd. for one mile until you get to Service Rd. and make a right. The Mt. Diablo Wetlands Fund will be located on your right at 3800 Arthur Rd., Martinez, CA 94553.

From here, you can get to Avalon RV by taking Service Rd. back to Arthur Rd. and following it to I-680 N. After 4 miles, take exit 58B and follow Park Rd. to E. Channel Rd. You will then arrive at Avalon RV located at 510 E. Channel Rd., Benicia, CA 94510

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