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Tips for RV Solar Panel Maintenance

If you maintain your solar panels, they will last longer and perform better. The good news is that you only need to have a cleaning twice yearly and for unusual conditions such as high pollen counts in the air.

Here are some maintenance tips on how to clean a solar panel:

1) Drive in the Rain to Wash Solar Panels

One of the easiest ways to wash a solar power installation with solar panels on top is to drive in heavy rain. The wind blowing across the solar panels with the rain falling will remove all the dust.

2) Use Clean Plain Water for Solar Panel Maintenance

If you live in an area with little rain, you can rinse your solar panels using a pan of plain water and a soft sponge. You don’t need to add soap. Avoid using a brush on solar panels due to the risk of scratching the solar power panel surface.

3) Don’t Overdo Complete Solar Panels Cleaning Care

The efficiency of a solar panel on an RV in a polluted city was only 1 to 3% less than a clean one. Driving will blow most of the grime away in seconds. A 2020 and 2021 guide says to have them cleaned professionally twice a year. A 2022 solar guide with 100 tips says that more frequent maintenance is unnecessary.

4) Snowfall and Solar Panel Maintenance

Easy maintenance tips are snow blows off when driving. Take the snow off with a snow duster for heavy snow on your panel that blocks solar energy. You will not catch much solar radiation during winter to charge your batteries, especially if snow covers the panels.

5) Be Careful of Falls

For DIY solar panels maintenance and installing use a step ladder next to your RV. Some YouTube tips are to ensure the ladder is in good repair and you can safely climb high enough to reach the area on top. Watch your step. Don’t lean too far away from the ladder. Use an extension handle instead.

6) Pollen and Solar Panels

Pollen is a problem that will decrease the efficiency of your solar system and requires a battle to get rid of it. It is more difficult to remove than regular dirt. It will stain your paint. Driving does not eliminate it.

7) Bird Droppings

Bird droppings can harm the surface of solar panels. The best tip to avoid a camper wash job is don ‘t park in places where birds are born and feeding. Cover your solar on the RV roof with a tarp. You will lose sun collection but avoid the tough job of cleaning off bird droppings from your panels. Seasoned RV lifestyle, caravan, and boondocking enthusiasts with various solar systems are the source of the feedback from blogs about this problem.


If you follow these suggestions, you will find it easy to maintain your system. 

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