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We pride ourselves on selecting top quality RV products. We are proud to sell and install Victron components. For more information regarding their products please use this link to visit their website.

Victron System Install July 2021

Compact and Powerful System

We have a master-certified RV electrician available to dive into as much detail as requested while giving a walkthrough of the system installation. We will also label what each of the switches are for for ease of operation in the future.

Professional Cable Management

12/3000w Inverter
Cerbo Gx & Touch Screen Monitor
BMV-712 Shunt & Monitor
Orion DC-DC 30
150/35 MPPT Controller
Portable Solar Inlet
Zamp 445w RIGID Monocrystalline Solar Array

Discrete Installation

After consultation, we work hard to keep the interior of your Van, Airstream, or RV’s interior looking crisp and clean.

victron energy blue power in Northern California installer