Is Mobile Solar Safe?

While you might be convinced of solar panels for a permanent structure, you may have questions about the safety of taking the equipment on the road. Avalon RV has been outfitting and customizing Airstreams enough to weigh in on this question with authority. So, if you’re wondering if mobile solar is safe, we’ll look at the facts for you.


Clean, Quiet, and Odorless


Mobile solar is safe, in that it’s unlikely to cause you any issues on the road. You will need to adhere to the safety manual’s recommendations for the panels—and find the right person to install them—but mobile solar is as reliable as its stationary counterparts.

On top of that, this is the more convenient option by far for people who need power on the go. RVs, Airstreams, and Van owners of every variety are the most likely to use safe mobile solar over a generator. It’s quiet and produces no odors, plus the panels are easy to move around. So when you want your RV parked in the shade, you only have to move the panels into the sun. (You can even use a small solar panel if you want to keep your phone charged as you tote it around in your backpack!)


About Avalon RV


Avalon RV specializes in RV solar, and our staff is certified in Victron Energy and Battle Born Batteries (lithium iron phosphate). At the helm is Adam Blair, a master-certified RV tech who has worked with practically every make and model under the sun. While we specialize in vintage Airstreams, we are craftsmen who are up for practically any challenge. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your RV Solar project.

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