Understanding the Costs of RV Solar Power

If spending some personal time in the woods completely off-grid is your cup of tea, then a solar-powered RV is a brilliant investment for you. Installing solar power on your RV is a sustainable, reliable, and economical way to ensure you’re comfortable while camping or when on the road. For those who often boondock for lengthy periods and are contemplating getting a solar power system for their rig, you’ll probably want to understand the costs of RV solar power.


Factors that Determine the Cost of RV Solar Power System 

First, make a list of all the devices and appliances you intend to operate to help determine the system size and battery output that will best suit your needs, depending on your lifestyle. Some of the main appliances to put into consideration when evaluating your energy needs may include lighting, fans, refrigerator, water pump, microwave, TV, laptop, etc. 

Other aspects to consider include, the overall amount of electricity your gadgets will use, how long you plan on running the devices, your charge control efficiency, and the average sunlight duration per day. A solar panel calculator can come in handy during this stage since it’ll help you have an accurate understanding of all your energy needs. Therefore, you won’t over-build or under-build your solar system.


What is the Cost of a Complete RV solar system?

Given the various factors at play when choosing the size of an RV solar power system, the overall cost of RV Solar power can vary greatly from basic starter systems to elaborate larger installations. That comes especially if the system is heavily customized as it involves more work on it.

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